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Fit untuk bekerja, Fit to work, Harris Hotel Jakarta, 2-3 Mei 2006
Whatever your job, occupational health will be related.

Dear All,
Workers medical examination or medical check up has been implemented in many factories. Unfortunately this expensive effort is not used as a management tool to make a decision. It is very common that the topics of examination apllied similar to all employees and jobs, not by jobs risks. The outcomes are normal finding for all tests. Sensitivity and specificity of the tests are not defined, and finally produced many false positives findings. Fitness to do a job is also not determined, and many questions coming from layman, why a newly examined workers died.

Based on the above condition The IDKI Foundation will conduct a emiworkshop "Fitness for Work", on 2-3 May 2006 at Harris Hotel Jakarta. The workshop will be useful for company physicians and nurses, doctors and nurses working at a health examination provider, doctors and nurses working at hospital, HSE manager and other related parties.

Those who are interested is pleased to ask information and brochures to:
Naila KHAIRIYAH Cellular 081380158333 Phone 021 734 3651
Atik DWISUHARTI Cellular 081310520490 Phone 021 888 2138
Mardiani OEMAR Cellular 0816 1832336 Phone 021 734 3651
Sri WIDIAWATI Cellular 0812 1025 123 Phone 021 734 3651
IDKI Foundation phone 021 734 3651, Facsimile 021 735 8966,
email yayasan_idki@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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