Job vacancy: Administration Marketing

Info lowongan kerja: sebagai administrasi pemasaran di PT BERLAYAR MANDIRI

Berlayar Mandiri, PT.

We are Fast Growing Fully Containerized Shipping Company, located in Sudirman, South Jakarta Curently Looking for Qualified and Highly Motivated Candidates for the Post of:


- Male/Female, min 23 years old
- Minimun D3 from any major
- Proficiency in verbal and written English
- Able to work underpressure
- Good team work as well as independent worker
- Good interpersonal skill and honest
- Can start immediately

Interested candidates are encouraged to send application letter, detailed resume and contact number not later than 31st March 2006 via email to: jobsmine@gmail.com

Note: Place the position code as the subject in the email
Only the qualified candidates will be contacted for the interview


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