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Info lowongan kerja: sebagai penerjemah di UNESCO (PBB)

Becoming a permanent translator, reviser or interpreter at UNESCO

As UNESCO’s core staff member, you can be appointed either as translator/minute writer, reviser, or interpreter.

You will translate UNESCO documents and publications into your mother tongue or principal language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish).

You will be responsible for drafting summary records of the debates of the Executive Board, summarizing statements made in your mother tongue.

In order to become a translator/minute-writer, you will need at least two to three years’ experience in translation, preferably in an international organization.

You will be responsible for checking the accuracy of translations and concordance with the original text, for ensuring consistency of terminology and improving style. You will also translate UNESCO documents and publications into your mother tongue and help to train and evaluate translators.

In order to become a reviser, you should have at least ten years’ experience in translating and revision, preferably at UNESCO or in another international organization.

During conferences held at Headquarters and elsewhere you will be required to provide simultaneous interpretation from one or more official languages into your mother tongue. In most cases, this will mean interpreting in meetings that deal with subjects related to UNESCO’s activities (education, science, culture and communication).

In order to become an interpreter, you must have completed a sound training in a school for conference interpreters, as well as having confirmed experience and broad general cultural knowledge.


All vacant language posts are published on this site in the list of vacant posts and come within the Professional category. To find out more about the profile of this type of job, how to apply, the various stages of the recruitment process and the status of professionals at UNESCO and its benefits, consult the section “Professionals”.

It should, however, be noted that language posts are not subject to the rules on geographical distribution. In addition, if your application concerns Russian or Chinese, you will be required to undergo screening by the Permanent Delegation, National Commission or observer mission of the country of which you are a national before submitting your application.



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